Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, and available on the Microsoft AppSource, SilverLeaf was created to meet the high demand and agile needs of the cannabis market today and drive the requirements for future success in its space. 

SilverLeaf, the most complete, end-to-end business management solution, for cannabis operators.

Scale Your Cannabis Operation With A Solution Built For You

Benefits Include:

Streamline processes

Gain increased visibility into your operations

Leverage better data to optimize performance and protect your bottom line

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Helpful Resources

SilverLeaf Solution Map

Check out this solution map to learn the key features of SilverLeaf when it comes to financial management, reporting, compliance, strategic planning and production. 


18 Questions to Determine if Your Seed-to-Sale Software is Outdated

Use this checklist to determine if your current business solution has what it takes to meet your needs now and into the future. 


Compliance is King Infographic

In a highly regulated industry such as cannabis, compliance is king. Use this infographic to learn how SilverLeaf helps cannabis operators maintain compliance with less manual steps. 


Scroll, click, or download these resources to learn more about the most software solution built for cannabis operators.

You can't ship cannabis orders by UPS or mail, they must be delivered. SilverLeaf has a delivery dispatch module to organize the deliveries.  Dispatchers can enhance their efficiency, ensure timely deliveries, and maintain compliance. 

This report shows what the expected yield of a harvest was, and what the actual yield was. This report enables cannabis growers to understand the harvests that performed the best. 

Our performance tracking chart provides valuable insights into the productivity of warehouse workers. By measuring the effectiveness of each individual in picking orders, the chart offers a clear picture of their performance. While maintaining privacy by hiding names, it highlights remarkable achievements like ANG, who has pulled an impressive 2.5 million orders within the specified time period.

Additionally, the chart reveals the productivity levels of different shifts, allowing managers to gauge their efficiency. With this information at hand, scheduling can be optimized to maximize overall performance.

This provides a sneak peak into our role center. This shows our 'grower role center'.  It is showing the expected yield by strain by period or by phase.