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Curious how AI can supercharge your sales strategy and save you time?  Join Microsoft and Velosio in a dynamic webinar exploring the power of Dynamics 365 for Sales and Microsoft Copilot for Sales.

This insightful session will provide you with the tools to not only streamline your sales processes but also to enhance your customer relationship management and boost your overall efficiency. Learn firsthand how integrating these advanced technologies can lead to better sales insights, increased productivity, and ultimately, substantial growth for your business. Join us to see how you can transform your sales strategy and gain a competitive edge in your market. 

Revolutionizing Sales Strategies with Generative AI

Meet the Presenters

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Ashish Rana is a recognized leader in utilizing Microsoft Business Applications to drive value across diverse sectors in the USA and Canada. A Microsoft Business Applications MVP and Certified Trainer, Ashish specializes in delivering transformative CRM projects and digital transformations as a Solution Architect. His extensive certifications in Dynamics 365 for Service, Sales, and Marketing underscore his profound expertise, particularly in enhancing sales strategies with tools like Microsoft Sales Copilot. Leading a team of solution architects and presales consultants, he excels in Digital Contact Center transformations and complex pre-sales negotiations.

Jason Wietharn

Practice Director, CE


Craig Crescas, based in Colorado, began his Microsoft career in March 2000. He joined the organization when Microsoft began investing in Business Applications (ERP and CRM). With almost 25 years of experience in Dynamics, Business Applications, Craig is chartered with changing the world one partner at a time.

Since the launch of Dynamics 365, Craig has dedicated his efforts to recruiting and onboarding organizations, those interested in adding business applications to their product portfolio, by providing leadership, guidance and onboarding tools to streamline our partner’s time to market.

Ashish Rana

Senior Solution Architect


Jason Wietharn brings over 30 years of operational experience to his role as Practice Director for CE at Velosio. An expert in business and technology transformations, Jason has a distinguished track record in leading sales, customer service, and field service operations. His expertise extends into sales and service operations, specializing in recruiting and retention strategies that enhance organizational capabilities and boost workforce morale.

His expertise in utilizing Dynamics 365 for Sales and Microsoft Sales Copilot enables organizations to refine their sales strategies and boost efficiency.  

May 29th at 12PM ET

Craig Crescas

Partner Technology Strategist