Lost Minutes, Lost Profits: The Costly Consequences of Inaccurate Time Tracking

Wednesday, October 4th, 2:00-2:30 EST

No matter how good the work or how happy your customers are, without accurate time-tracking, everything falls apart.

In this webinar we will discuss the fundamentals of time tracking, how it leads increase profits, how to optimize employee utilization and much more!

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Meet The Presenter

For over 30 years Rich Fowler has worked to help project-based businesses utilize the right technology solutions for their business needs, leading to increased profitability, an elimination of manual processes, and visibility into the data needed to make better business decisions. Rich has presented at local and national events on the power of technology for today’s leading businesses and is a well-known thought leader on how businesses are adopting technology to solve complex business challenges.

Rich Fowler
Senior Partner Enablement Manager  

What You'll Learn by Attending

  • Keys to identifying high profit opportunities.
  • How to optimize efficiency through resource management.
  • Fundamentals of time tracking across your organization.
  • Strategies for eliminating scope creep.
  • Trends to improve productivity and project predictability.