Power BI and Beyond - 

How to Use Business Intelligence to Drive Innovation and Profits

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Steve Schneiderman

Digital Account Executive


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Wednesday, August 10  1 - 2 p.m. ET

Driving innovation and increasing profit margins starts with Business Intelligence. By enhancing your customer experience and streamlining your operations, your business can become more efficient and profitable. But where do you start? 

During this free webinar, you'll hear from experts at Microsoft and Velosio as they discuss how to decipher data to uncover areas for innovation and increased profits.

What we'll discuss

  • The Data Dilemma and Great Equalizer 

  • Moving from Data Driven to Data Differentiation (From BI to AI) 

  • Telling your Data Story with Microsoft Power BI Analytics 

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From the data you collect, to the analytical tools that provide predictive analysis and reporting, to intelligent technologies like IoT and AI and business innovation – technology is helping businesses like yours become industry leaders. 

Learn how you can start predicting customer behavior, better understand buying habits, understand how to optimize your resources, and much more.

Jawwad Baig, MBA

Senior Solutions Specialist


Aaron Moon

Data Platform Services Manager