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"Microsoft Fabric ... makes the data management process more efficient and consistent. We can observe in-person or online mock trials remotely and view data as it's coming in, no matter where the client is located."

Rebecca P.

IMS Consulting Services Initiative Lead

Ready to Transform Your Data Analysis and Decision-Making?  

Wednesday, June 12 at 2 PM (ET)

40-45 min | Q&A Session at the End

Join our monthly webinar series, the second Wednesday of each month, for actionable tips on Power BI, data engineering, and data science. Hosted by our Trey Johnson with expert insights from the Data Platform Team. 
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In this webinar series, you will learn about the powerful features and benefits of using Microsoft Fabric for Dynamics users. Our monthly sessions are designed to provide you with actionable tips and tricks that will elevate your use of Power BI, data engineering, and data science. Hosted by Trey Johnson and featuring expert insights from the Data Platform Team (DPS).

No matter your role, data analyst, engineer, or scientist, our series equips you with the skills to unlock dramatic improvements. Join us and discover how it can revolutionize your work with Dynamics data.

Trey Johnson is an evangelist and thought-leader on the practical application of Microsoft Fabric. He is an experienced leader in supporting the growth of analytics practices and the data platform. Skilled in seeking comprehensive and adaptable solutions to propel data-driven strategies forward.

Microsoft Fabric: 

Tips & Tricks for Dynamics Users

IMS Legal Strategies

Trey Johnson 

Go Beyond Basic Reporting:
Fabric simplifies data visualization and empowers you to uncover hidden insights. 
Enhanced Decision-Making: 
Gain a more precise picture with data engineering tools. Make data-driven choices that propel your business forward. 
Boosted Productivity: 
Streamline your workflow with Fabric's intuitive platform. Free up time to focus on what matters most.

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