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Join Velosio and Microsoft for our webinar series on Dynamics 365 Field Service!

Webinar: Inventory and Asset Management with Dynamics 365 Field Service

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In this webinar, we delve into the world of inventory and asset management, showcasing the capabilities of Dynamics 365 Field Service that empower companies to achieve unparalleled control and visibility. Learn how to optimize stock levels, track assets in real time, and seamlessly integrate these processes into your field service operations. 

We walk through customer stories that highlight how organizations are minimizing downtime, reducing costs, and elevating customer satisfaction by harnessing the power of Dynamics 365.  

This webinar offers a comprehensive exploration of how to efficiently manage inventory and assets, driving long-term success for your company. Your journey to revolutionizing your field service starts here!

This webinar is part two of a series covering office operations, field work, and inventory and asset management. Check out the other parts of the series here: 

- Part 1: Mastering Office Operations with Dynamics 365 Field Service

- Part 2: Empowering Field Work: Routing, Optimization, Geofencing, and IoT in Dynamics 365 Field Service

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