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Rebecca P.

Consulting Services Initiatives Lead 

Have you ever wondered how emerging technologies can transform your firm's challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation?

Thursday, July 11 at 12:00 PM (ET)

30 min | Q&A Session at the End 

This webinar is for Professional services firms seeking to boost efficiency, improve client service, and achieve measurable results. Learn how IMS Legal Strategies leveraged Microsoft technologies to achieve exactly that. 
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Join our webinar and discover how IMS Legal Strategies harnessed Microsoft's latest technologies to propel their company to the cutting edge.

Save your seat today and unlock the secrets to a more efficient, client-centric, and results-driven professional services firm! 

From Paper to Profits:

IMS Legal Strategies

Increased Efficiency: 
Discover how they streamlined operations and boosted productivity. 
Embraced the Power of Technology: 
Discover how IMS Legal Strategies leveraged Microsoft's emerging technologies to develop The Advantage™ Solution. This innovative solution transformed their business, boosting efficiency and reinforcing them as a modern, client-focused powerhouse.
Achieved Measurable Results: 
See how they benefited from adopting these innovative solutions 

Aaron Moon

Consulting Manager


Rebecca Prosise

Consulting Services Initiatives Lead 

IMS Legal Strategies

How IMS Legal Strategies Unlocked New Revenue Streams with Microsoft Emerging Technologies

In this webinar, you'll learn how IMS Legal Strategies: 

Kevin Graham

Senior Consultant