You know that you can get more out of your field service team, but you’re too busy putting out fires to optimize your operations. Your system proves to be more of a chore than a tool. It’s hard for you and your technicians to get the information you need to make decisions with confidence. And your bottom line suffers because of it.

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Midwest Industrial Supply Improves Inventory Accuracy, Boosts Productivity with Dynamics 365 Field Service

Midwest Industrial Supply (MIS) is a leader in dust control, soil stabilization, lubrication, and deicing products for transit, construction, and more. Staff tracked field service activities using manual, disparate tools, and the company wanted to standardize processes. With support from Velosio, MIS adopted Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service and Power BI. Now, the company has dramatically increased operational efficiency and productivity, reduced waste, accelerated order-to-cash time, and improved line of insight in the performance of the business.

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Reduction in Costs

Revenue Growth

Improved CSAT Scores

Is Your Field Service Operation 

Running at Full Speed?

Assessing Your Current Operation

During a free two-hour Field Service Operational Maturity Assessment, we’ll learn more about how your business runs today. We’ll ask straight-forward questions about five key areas:

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Thousands of field service providers are in the same boat. Some companies are finding success and getting ahead by taking a step back and evaluating their processes and taking a real look at their customer experience. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses will help you build a roadmap for long-term success and profitability, ensuring you:

Optimizing FS with Tech

This is where the rubber meets the road. With a clear understanding of where you currently are, and recommendations to meet your KPIs, you’ll work with field service technology experts that have operational expertise to design and build a system through process mapping that will propel your team to the next level of operational maturity and financial success.

Highlight key actions items and recommendations to increase your maturity in specific areas integral to your goals.

Assessing a Path Forward

Does your field service organization have a software that tracks the location of your assets or are you still using spreadsheets? 

42% of field service technicians view visibility of spare parts inventory as one of their top challenges. Find out what best-in-class competitors are doing to mitigate this problem.

Top companies have asset tracking systems, a defined triage process, and mobile CRM and more. How do you stack up?

Implementing a field service management system can improve overall productivity by 49%.

Is your company automating and optimizing technician routes? Do you have a schedule board to organize and track them? Could you improve your process?

While 38% of field service companies agree that dispatching and scheduling is a top challenges, implementing a field service management system can improve routing by 50%.

How is your organization tracking customer experience and satisfaction? 

Implementing a field service management system can improve customer service experiences by 62%.

52% of field service organizations still use manual methods for field service operations.

Leading field service organizations provide their techs with everything they need, whether on-site or remotely. Do you have resource management in place?




Turning Insight into Action: A Strategic Roadmap for Field Service Success

Parts Inventory Management

Work Order Management


Resource Management

Customer Relationship

Where Do You Stack Up?

You'll also receive an overview and competency charts of where your operation stands compared to other key competitors and which areas may need improvement.

Establish a baseline for where your operations are today.

Provide insights into the maturity of your processes compared to industry benchmarks.

Reduce Hard Costs

Improve CSAT

Increase Bottom Line

Optimize Tech Efficiency

You have an assessment of your current operation - now what? If you’re looking to move your field service operation to a more mature and profitable organization, it’s time to get deep. During this stage, you’ll work with field service process experts who will analyze the day-in-the-life of your technicians, dispatchers, and resource managers. They will take a closer look at your existing systems and identify the gaps and bottlenecks that keep you from achieving your goals.  

  • Help you understand your current process gaps across your operation.

  • Provide a strategic roadmap with key recommendations and guidance related to your short- and long-term goals.

  • Provide detailed data related to ROI and outcomes.

  • Demonstrate recommended technology solutions and provide budgetary guidance.

Completion of Step 2 will:

Completion of Step 3 will:

Establish a comprehensive functional design.

Provide tailored change management and deployment plans to ensure system adoption.

Provide a committed estimate and work breakdown structure for the balance of the project.

Develop prioritized backlog for future phase releases.