Enabling the Modern Worker with the Microsoft Platform

Liz Corey

Chief People Officer


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Unleash the hidden potential of your hybrid workforce with the Microsoft Ecosystem. 

This comprehensive guide unlocks the secrets to boosted productivity, streamlined operations, and a thriving culture.

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Jonathan Darling

Cloud Engineer


Carolyn Norton

Director, Cloud Solutions


Keith Goedde

VP, Cloud Strategy 


Thomas Cuevas

Cloud Engineer


Jackie Simens

CE Consulting Manager


Comprehensive eBook

Aaron Moon

Director, Power Platform


Eric Robertson

Director of IT


Chapter 7: Building Security, Compliance, and Trust in the Microsoft Cloud
Chapter 8: Microsoft 365: Tackling the Challenges and Obstacles of Hybrid Work
Chapter 9: Shaping Hybrid Work Culture with the Microsoft Ecosystem
Chapter 10: Microsoft Copilot: A Gen AI Assistant with Big Implications for Hybrid Work
Chapter 11: Preparing Your Workforce for a Microsoft-Powered Future
Conclusion: The Empowered Modern Worker

Intro: Empowering the Modern Worker in the Digital Age
Chapter 1: Introducing the Microsoft Ecosystem
Chapter 2: Microsoft 365: The Foundation of Remote Collaboration
Chapter 3: Dynamics 365: Streamlining Operations in a Hybrid Environment
Chapter 4: Customer Engagement and Sale Acceleration with Dynamics 365
Chapter 5: Improving Productivity and Insights with Power Platform
Chapter 6: Improving IT Management with Microsoft


What You Will Learn

This ebook, fueled by insights from 200 business leaders and our own network of expert SMEs, reveals the proven strategies to thrive in the hybrid age. Discover how the Microsoft Ecosystem can help you:

  • Unleash hybrid productivity: Empower your workforce to collaborate seamlessly, automate tasks, and achieve more, wherever they work.
  • Drive digital transformation: Streamline operations, gain real-time insights, and boost sales with the integrated power of Microsoft tools.
  • Build a thriving culture: Foster connection, trust, and engagement in a distributed world, promoting employee well-being and success.
  • Embrace the future of work: Discover how AI and intelligent tools like Microsoft Copilot are revolutionizing collaboration and efficiency.