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Join Velosio and Microsoft for our webinar series on Dynamics 365 Field Service!

Webinar: Empowering Field Work: Routing, Optimization, Geofencing, and IoT in Dynamics 365 Field Service

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Unleash the true potential of field service excellence with Dynamics 365! This webinar will take you on a captivating journey through the field-side functionalities of our software. Explore the art of intelligent routing, optimization, and geofencing that ensures your field teams reach their destinations promptly, all while saving time and resources. 

Learn how the integration of IoT technology enhances predictive maintenance and enables a proactive approach to service delivery. We'll unveil how businesses are achieving remarkable results with Dynamics 365 Field Service, transforming their field operations into agile, responsive, and customer-satisfying endeavors. 

Don't miss this opportunity to explore cutting-edge tools that redefine field service efficiency!

This webinar is part two of a series covering office operations, field work, and inventory and asset management. Check out the other parts of the series here: 

- Part 1: Mastering Office Operations with Dynamics 365 Field Service

- Part 3: Inventory and Asset Management with Dynamics 365 Field Service 

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