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Integrate Dynamics 365 BC and CE to Elevate your Business Performance

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Tuesday, February 13th at 1:00PM ET

In today's dynamic business world, seamless integration and collaboration between different departments and processes are essential for success. Discover the powerful synergy that emerges when you combine Business Central (BC) and Customer Engagement (CE) within the Microsoft ecosystem.

This webinar will highlight why Dynamics 365 BC and CE are better together. By merging financial and operational data from BC with customer-centric insights and relationship management tools from CE, you can achieve a comprehensive view of your operations. This holistic perspective empowers teams to make informed decisions, enhance customer interactions, and streamline processes for unparalleled efficiency.

We will cover the following:

  • Real World Examples
  • Best Practices
  • Tangible Benefits of this Integration

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Jason Wietharn is the owner for Field Service business within Velosio. Jason has over 30 years of operational experience. Experience such as leading Sales, Customer Service, and Field Service Operations. However, his real passion is helping organizations and people achieve their North Star.

Jason Wietharn

Practice Director, CE

Gain valuable insights into how this synergy can transform your organization, boost productivity, and drive growth. Don't miss this opportunity to learn how BC and CE integration in Dynamics 365 can elevate your business performance to new heights.